The Sheffield Hallam Probus Club

inside Tapton

        Date                  Speaker                                  Subject


    8th January          Mike Spick                  Sheffield - Salesman to the World


    22nd January        Stephen Coates           Sir John Whitworth


    12th February       Nevil Flavel                 Sheffield Banking Crisis of 1843


    20th February       Alan Powell                Sheffield Newspapers

   ( Wednesday)                                        (Joint meeting with Fulwood Probus)


    12th March           Melvin Cook                 Nepal


    26th March           Derrick Briggs              Berlin


    9th April              Robert Barnard            Local Government

                                                       ( Fulwood Probus join us for this meeting)    


    23rd April            Norman Jones               Heraldry


   24th April            Quiz at Fulwood Probus.

   (Wednesday)                  (We have been invited and will field at least one team.)


    14th May             Terry Haywood              Tapton Hall


    28th May              Ron Clayton                 Harvey Teasdale, Sheffield Barmpot

                                                                 and others


    11th June           Tina Green                    Artist in glass. Demonstration of making

    (Ladies Day)                                              jewellery with items available to buy.  


    25th June          Cmdr.Alan York              Nelson's secret agent  

Speakers    2013       First Half