The Sheffield Hallam Probus Club

inside Tapton

        Date                  Speaker                                  Subject


   12th July               Roger Ledbetter            12 Men and Trustworthy


   26th July               Reg Park                       The Rat Catchers Tail


   9th August             David Wright                 New Zealand


   23rd August            Alan Yorke                    The Battle of Basque Roads


  13th September       Christine Jenkinson       Songs of WW11 Old Time Music Hall

   Ladies Day


   27th September      Sidney Fieldon                Reading from the wrong notebook.


   11th October          David Pierce                   Running, singing, dancing.


    25th October          Clyde Binfield                 Crossley Carpets.  The Carpet People.


   8th November        David Seed                      A real South Pacific island.


   22nd November      AGM                               Talk by a member.


   13th December       Christmas Dinner             12.30pm for 1pm






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