The Sheffield Hallam Probus Club

The Committee


Normally consists of the following officers and shall be limited to a maximum of eight members:-

• Chairman;

• Chairman Elect;

• Secretary;

• Treasurer;

• Social Secretary;

• Two Speaker Finders;

• Co-opted committee members.


The Chairman shall chair Committee Meetings and meetings of the Club as well as being the host at the Christmas Lunch and certain other events. The Chairman shall oversee the organisation of raffles and other aspects of Club activities as needed. The role of the Chairman at meetings is to make announcements, introduce speakers and pass a vote of thanks. The Chairman may also liaise with outside bodies such as the press.


The Chairman Elect shall stand in for the Chairman in the event that the Chairman is not available.


The Secretary shall keep Minutes of all Committee Meetings and of the AGM and shall keep, with advice from the Treasurer, an up-to-date list of members and their contact details as well as a signing-in record for all meetings and outings. In the event that a member has not attended for some time or becomes unable to participate in the activities of the Club, the Secretary should be informed and may cause appropriate action to be taken. The Secretary shall also be responsible for arranging venues for meetings and dealing with all associated administration.


The Treasurer is authorised to open and maintain a Bank account in the name of the Club. The Treasurer shall keep the cash book and accounts, authorise expenditure by agreement with the Committee and receive membership subscriptions. To enable the maintenance of an up to date membership list he will advise the Secretary, on receipt of subscriptions, of any members leaving or joining. The Treasurer shall be responsible for the submission of all relevant documents to the Auditor. The Treasurer shall also present audited accounts at the AGM as well as presenting a financial budget for the following year.


The Social Secretary shall organise the Annual Lunch and any outings, collect monies from members for outings, authorise the Treasurer to make payments for coaches etc. and furnish the Treasurer with details of expenditure and with a reasonable level of receipts to support such expenditure. The Social Secretary shall aim to break even financially on the lunch and the outings unless agreed otherwise by the Committee.


The Speaker Finders shall identify and invite speakers to the Club meetings and shall negotiate fees and expenses with them. The Speaker Finders shall liaise with the treasurer over the proposed costs and authorise the agreed payments to the speakers.  Where, for any reason, there is a possibility that a meeting may need to be cancelled the Speaker Finders will, in liaison with the Chairman and Secretary, determine what action to take.


Members of the Committee shall assist in making decisions, be prepared to stand in for other committee members with nominated posts (when they are not available) and help to resolve any disputes.


Where possible the composition of the Committee shall reflect the composition of the club.