The Sheffield Hallam Probus Club

Sheffield Hallam Probus Club Constitution


Name and Objects

The Club shall be called ‘The Sheffield Hallam Probus Club’.

The membership of the Club comprises retired or semi-retired individuals.

The objective of the Club is to provide a social setting in which information may be exchanged and friendships formed with others who are likely to share similar interests. The Club does not have any political or religious connotations, nor is it associated with any charity.


Club Meetings

The Committee arranges Club activities and the following is intended to be indicative:

• Meetings take place on the 2nd and 4th Tuesday mornings of the month except that during optional holiday periods there may be  no meetings.  

• Ordinary meetings normally consist of a talk given by an outside person or a member.  On occasions a visit to a local place of interest replaces the talk;

• Certain of the above meetings are nominated as Guest Days when members are encouraged to invite guests to these meetings;

• Occasional outings may be arranged: a full day’s visit to a tourist attraction or other venue. Partners and friends are invited;

• On the second Tuesday in December there is a Christmas Lunch to which partners and guests are invited.

A member may bring a guest to the ordinary meetings of the Club provided that such guest shall not be brought to more than two meetings in any one period of twelve months.



Membership shall be open to any retired or semi-retired person who is interested in meeting and talking with people of a similar background and in listening to talks on topics of general interest to members.  The size of the club shall be limited such number as the Committee may agree.  A prospective member may visit the Club as a guest before making application for membership.

Should the conduct of a member be deemed to be unacceptable or unprofessional, they may be expelled from the Club by a majority vote of the Executive Committee.



The annual subscription will be fixed each year in November for the following year and will be payable in two instalments payable in December and June.  In the case of two members living at the same address the subscription payable by the second member will be 50% of the standard subscription payable.  At its discretion, the Committee may also offer a 50% discounted subscription to the surviving partner of a deceased member.

A member joining in the second half of the year will have to only pay the second instalment.